AT4033 review. Maka, 14.06.2013. This microphone is quite something. It's solidly built; the shock mount itself is one of the best ones I've ever seen, even 


CAD M179 is one of the good old mics from this company, which is still available today although it does have problems competing with more recent models. It actually has a great sound with a relatively low noise floor, the package also includes a quite decent shock mount and the mic itself has a variable pattern, meaning it could be useful for different recording situations.

The m179 has a nice strong side null in figure-8 which makes it perfect for this. I use the m179 on guitar and oktava mk220 on vocal, both in figure-8. The m179 looks solidly built, and it is surprisingly heavy for its small size. The m179 sounds nice on acoustic instruments - clear and present. Which leads to a lot of less work in post processing.

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2005-09-26 · It is worth noting, then, that CAD construct their own Optema capsule designs in a special clean-room facility within their factory in Ohio in the USA, and install them in microphones manufactured entirely on site." Now what they don't say is whether the Optema capsule has anything to do with the M179. Even at this price, the microphone comes with its own frequency response plot. We found the response to be flat out to 2 kHz with a slight rise thereafter. The microphone has a bass roll-off switch and a 20 dB pad on the front of the mic. CAD recommends you engage the pad before setting any mic preamp level. 2021-04-01 · The quality control response trace issued with the review unit also showed a broad mid-range dip in the response which reached as much as -3.5dB at 1kHz. However, rather than hearing this as a mid-range suck-out, it is perceived more as a slightly peaky top and warm bass.

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CAD M179 Spoken Word Demo for In Dev Reviews at CAD M179 Variable Pattern Condenser Microphone Get a great deal on this CAD GXL2200SP Studio Condenser Mic Recording Pack the you Read a complete review of the CAD GXL2200SP Studio Condenser Mic Recording Pack. If you haven't bought the Yeti yet go to ebay and buy a used CAD M179, check the reviews, they are stellar microphones!

CAD M179 Variable-Pattern Condenser Microphone; Swivel Mount; Elastic Shock Mount; Carrying Case; Limited 2-Year Warranty. Video: 

I use it pretty often.

The American-made CAD M177 cardioid condenser mic is a solid addition to this market segment and perhaps the best of the bunch. Attractive mic. The M177 is a single-pattern, side-address condenser mic.
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Cad m179 review

review CAD M179 and M9 Two microphones that share a similar capsule but have a completely different take on how they are implemented. We're looking at a   23.

A video demonstration of the CAD M179 continuously variable polar pattern large diaphragm condenser microphone… first as a Blumlein pair on a drum and guitar combo recorded live in the same room, then showing an array of possible polar pattern combinations on acoustic and vocals. 2015-05-16 · Took some time before work to do a little comparison between the CAD M179 (AWESOME) and the CAD U37. Both are great mics for the money but the M179 is certainly worth the extra cash! Hope you like it! It's not very often that a company under prices something but I sincerely believe that I've found a microphone worth far more than the selling price.
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The CAD M179 combines a vintage capsule design with advanced electronics. The M179 features the dual pattern version of the original equitek e-300 capsule, an externally biased capsule with a gold sputtered 1.1 in. diaphragm.

Very recommended this CAD M179 Variable-Pattern Condenser Microphoneal Instruments. CAD M179 Variable-pattern Condenser Mic [M179] - Large Diaphragm Condenser Mics: Travel the space-tone continuum with the touch of a dial. The figure-of-eight is rich and intimate. The omni is spacious and articulate. Experience all the variations in between. We combine the large-diaphragm capsule with algebraic phasing and high-power transformerless drive to create an indispensable acoustical The CAD M179 Condenser Microphone combines a vintage capsule design with advanced electronics. The M179 features the dual pattern version of the original Equitek E-300 capsule, an externally biased capsule with a gold sputtered 1.1-inch diaphragm.